BFA South West Forum – September 17 2019
11:00 to 16:00

10.30: Welcome, additional agenda items and matters arising from previous meetings

10.35: Get to know your fellow franchisors

10.50: bfa progress and plans

11.00: Leveraging Technology Opportunities

  • Training platforms and online meetings
  • The use of Skype – when is it an option?
  • Automated pipeline process/online bots

11.30: Round Table Discussions
How to maximise your franchisee network

  • Peer to peer training
  • Franchisee councils, the structure and suitable topics
  • Brand ambassadors and recruitment support
  • Leveraging franchisee success to tell your brand story

12.00: Networking coffee break

12.20: Presentation
Managing change in your network

12.50: Round Table Discussions
Collective promotion of franchising

  • Best events to attend
  • Should there be a national marketing fund?
  • Initiatives to build value content for messaging?

13.20: Hot topic discussions for next meeting
Date and place for next meeting

13.30: Networking lunch