The Franchise Future – Leeds – Tuesday 24 September
10:00 to 13:00

Presented by: CLAIRE ROBINSON – CEO, The Approved Franchise Association®

Hosted by: Hosted by: Natwest, Nigel Apperley from TRUSTist® and Claire Lister previously from Pitman Training

Guest Speakers:
Janet Watson from Natwest: Business Plans
Nigel Apperley from TRUSTist®: Using reviews to sell more franchises


Are you a franchisor, franchisee or work within the franchise sector? Although most of us network, we generally don’t have any opportunities to meet others in the franchising world, and this is why the AFA® has set up regional meet-ups across the country.

These informative seminars are specifically aimed at franchise owners, franchisees and service providers within the sector, who are seeking the latest industry news and updates. There will be a series of enlightening presentations, as well as the chance to actively participate in a useful, roundtable discussion with other, like-minded individuals within the industry, looking at issues, trends and best practices.

Tuesday 24th September 2019

from 10.00am to 1.00pm

Unit 2, 2 Park Cross Street, Leeds, LS1 2QH