In addition to providing the same accountancy services to franchisors as we do to small businesses, we work closely with franchise networks to support greater visibility of financial information, greater consistency across the network, and greater financial knowledge of franchisees.

Business Plans

Even before an individual is a franchisee they often need to have enough financial awareness to create a business plan including cash flow forecast. This could be to prove to you they have what it takes, or it could be to help gain funding for the opportunity. We support franchises by creating a business plan template and supporting prospective franchisees to complete a business plan ready for funding. This saves you time and ensures the prospective franchisee understands the details within their plan.


Alongside great marketing and sales ability, financial knowledge is vitally important to ensure a franchise is successful. Our various training courses support franchisees throughout their franchising journey and they range from a 30minute franchise talk to a 2 day course. They can all be delivered face to face or via webinars. Our most common courses include:

  • Financial Stryde’s 1 – Start to intermediate
  • Financial Stryde’s 2 – Intermediate to advanced
  • Driving Profitability and KPI’s (industry specific)
  • Cash flow management
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Making Tax Digital


One of the benefits of a franchise network is the ability to compare and contrast to find out what best practice looks like and share across the brand. We can help support the implementation of franchise wide financial systems and software training programs to ensure consistency in software and software use.


We often hear franchisors say they wish franchisees would send their financial reports on time. We can help support creating an environment where you have greater visibility of franchisee financial information.


No franchise is the same and there can be vastly different needs between each network. Our consultancy can support a brand with additional consultancy services such as financial automation, financial systems review, financial process implementation, cost analysis, KPI generation, and more.

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